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Asher Foundation News 

In January we came across the story of Baby Ellie who is a orphan in China.
We found her through a wonderful Organization called "Love without boundaries." 
What was so astonishing to us is that this sweet baby girl has hydrocephalus and also has a brain cyst, just like our sweet Ward Asher has been diagnosed with.
In December, she suffered from an infection in her shunt, also like Ward.
We at Asher Bracelets felt like the Lord was leading us to provide for her surgery. She is doing wonderful now and her shunt is working very effectively! Praise the Lord!

Baby Ellie

We also are proud to debut our "china" inspired set of
asher bracelets in honor of this precious child.
                       Mei     ( beautiful)
                      Jen ai   ( to cherish) 

Will, Brian, and Ward Asher

Last Sunday we were on our way home from church.  Will, our oldest son, shouted from the back that he had something to tell me when we got home.  When we made it home, we both went into my office....he said he wanted it to be private.  Once in my office I asked him what he needed to tell me.  His voice was kind of cracking and he said he wanted to give some money to the Asher Foundation.  I told him that was great, and asked him how much he wanted to donate.  Now almost crying he said "$300".  Since his birth, we have saved the majority of his Christmas money, birthday money, etc in a savings account.  I was surprised by the amount, and I asked him if the Lord told him that amount to give (since he seemed so sure on the amount).  Now fully crying he said "Yes".   Just wanted to share this blessing with you all!  And once again we are humbled and grateful for what all our God is doing in and through this ministry!  
 - Brian Elrod

The Asher Foundation is pleased to announce our partnership with The Refugee Sewing Society! You can view all about their unique ministry at 
  These precious women have already begun assisting us assemble Asher Bracelets, and some of our yet to be announced products!


As we celebrate the New Year, we have some New things to share with you all as well. The success of the Asher Bracelets has been a tremendous blessing. We set out making bracelets with the goal of providing life saving surgery to One child in Uganda. Due to the success, and a matching grant from another donor, we were able to provide 7 surgeries in Uganda. That is 7 children who will live because of you and your support of the Asher Bracelets. That is also 7 families who will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as their little one is being treated. Amazing. 

God has expanded our vision for Asher. Late in October we established The Asher Foundation, Inc. This will be a 501c3 non-profit. The mission of the foundation is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, while ministering to individuals and their families. The foundation will partner with existing ministries, identify “Ministry Projects”, and set out to reach the determined goal for each project. 

In addition to expanding our vision, we will also be expanding our product line. In 2012 we will introduce several new Asher items. The first new item will be showcased on our new website, which will be up and running by the end of January. All of the profits from each item will be directed to our current ministry projects. As the individual project goals are met, we will introduce new projects.
May God Bless each of you who have supported this ministry already


  1. We are now   making asher Necklaces. Please   "like" us on Facebook to learn about exclusive     Facebook sales for the Necklace sets.

In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words of the Lord Jesus himself said: "It is more blessed to give than to receive."
Acts 20:35

In 2011 We were introduced to Shannon Millsaps 

Shannon travels to Uganda with Cure International  to minister to Babies with Hydrocephalus. Cure international provides medical and spiritual healing to the People of Uganda. 
In December of 2011, We were able to send a check to Cure for 6,597 dollars! this amount was matched and is providing 7 shunt surgeries for Babies in uganda with Hydrocephalus. Thank you to all who supported this, you all had a hand in providing for these babies.

* We do offer  a gift certificate for purchase.  These can be purchased for any amount.  

 email Kelley at if you are interested in purchasing one of these. 

we have Asher foundation Shirts as well now! check them out on our store site

We are making head bands as well now, check out the web store for the headbands that are available.  We will have new ones every month or so!

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